Aromatic Oil for Diffuser

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Essential oils are the lifeblood of plants.

Its applications are ancient and vast. Each oil has different applications. They aim to provide physical and emotional well-being, as they have several therapeutic chemical components.

Available in 10 ml bottles with 3 different scents:

- Happiness

- Calm

- Life

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Available in 3 different scents:
Joy - velvety and warm summer scent of cinnamon and flowers - awakens the senses and the best feelings. Stimulates good mood. For the moments when happiness is celebration.
Calm - aroma of earth and dry autumn leaves: lavender, lavender and rosemary - conveys serenity and relaxation. For the moments when the important thing is to appease the senses.
Vida - the floral scent of spring, the light and fresh citrus fruit - promotes well-being. It brings more energy and dynamism. For when you need to shake and break routines.
These aromatic compounds extracted from plants can be used in a simple way to flavor spaces - just put a few drops of essential oil in a container with water.
They can also be used to diffuse and volatilize essential oil in the environment. Thus, it promotes a rapid response of relaxation and well-being.

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