Bamboolastic With Cover Small

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The Handed By BAMBOO mini round is a handy storage basket with a natural look.

The basket is made of the environmentally friendly material bamboo and is key in creating an ambiance in the interior.

The graphic pattern exists of 70% recycled plastic.

The circular lid easily seals the basket and safely stores your items out of sight. Useful and beautiful!

Available in 4 different colors.

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Height 14 cm
Width 19 cm
Depth 19 cm
Weight 165 cm

Collection of hand-made storage baskets. They are made of bamboo, an environmentally sustainable material.

he graphic pattern, made of 70% recycled plastic, gives the baskets an original look.

The circular lid easily seals the basket and safely stores your objects "out of sight".

Useful and beautiful!

Bamboo is the greenest type of wood there is. Bamboo is harvested by keeping its roots so that it grows again. As a result, forests continue to exist. In addition, bamboo provides 30% more oxygen per hectare than wood. Bamboo is lightweight, sturdy and requires no maintenance. All in all, a very good base material for this collection!

Original oriental braiding techniques are combined with modern western design.

Available in colors: white, mauve, stone green and dark gray.


h14 x b19 x d19. Weight: 0.165 kg

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